The Village Centre

The centre of the Village is the area where Chapel Lane, Cross Lane and Moor Road join the modern north-south route of Helmshore Road and Lumb Carr Road.  Here stand the only current commercial businesses, the Shoulder of Mutton Pub and opposite it the Mala Restaurant, which is part of a block of old weavers’ cottages.  The road is very narrow here and there is a traffic-calming scheme to slow things down.

Behind the Mala, across a cobbled back lane and the lower end of Moor Road is Higher House, now a private dwelling but which used to be the White Hart Inn.  This and the Shoulder of Mutton (which was sometimes called Lower House) were the first public houses in the area, before there were any in Ramsbottom.

Across the bottom of Moor Road from Higher House stands Higher House Barn.  The retaining wall of its courtyard contains an old stone trough and the lower part of the house on Helmshore Road was the village Post Office at the time of the first World War.

Water Trough in Holcombe Village
Water Trough in Holcombe Village
Bomb damage from Zeppelin Raid, Holcombe 25/9/16
The Old Post Office

Opposite this is Printer’s Row, an attractive line of workers’ cottages which extends northwards along Helmshore Road past the School on the opposite side.  There is another row of cottages on the west side of Lumb Carr Road.

Emmanuel Church, with its beautiful spire is nearby on Chapel Lane, set in a graveyard with a lych gate and an ancient sundial.  Rawson’s Rake is the very steep continuation of Chapel Lane which leads down the hill to Ramsbottom.

Some of the buildings in the village were damaged by bombs dropped from a Zeppelin airship in 1916.  More details here.