Falmai Youngman Honoured

January 2016

Dr Falmai Youngman (also known as Falmai Binns) has been presented with the Bury Division Police Community Excellence Award for 2015.  This recognises Fal’s hard work on all sorts of projects on behalf of rural communities in the area around Bury, including her role as Chair of the Bury Rural Inequalities Forum.  Her activities include liaising with police and other officials on road safety and traffic control and working towards the improvement of broadband services in rural areas.

As a member of the Holcombe Society she regularly reports on issues like these and works tirelessly to improve things for the Village.  Well done Fal!

The pictures below are from the award ceremony on 28th January 2016.

Presentation by Cllr Stella Smith, Mayor of Bury
Celebrating with PC Rick Abrams, Community Policeman for Ramsbottom