Bury Rural Inequalities Forum (BRIF) is an organisation dedicated to getting a fair deal for the small rural communities around the Bury area who may be disadvantaged because of poor infrastructure or services.  It has representation from most of the small villages in the area and also from Bury Council.  The chair is currently Dr Falmai Binns, a memberof the Holcombe Society and an energetic worker on local issues.

BRIF has been instrumental in setting up the Local Link service which uses subsidised taxis to provide transport in areas which are poorly served by buses.  It is working to improve broadband coverage and performance in the villages and farms to which cable and fibre networks do not extend, and it is trying to introduce traffic-calming measures in villages which sit astride busy commuter routes.

There is more information about BRIF on its web page which is hosted on the Affetside web site.  The Holcombe Society gets a regular report on BRIF’s activities at its meetings.